‘Haunted Train’ set for October 30
By Charlie Denison

Who’s Afraid of Charlie Russell?

This is an unusual question, but it’s an unusual year, so the Lewistown Area Chamber of Commerce,  the Lewistown Downtown Association, the Hoppers and the Boys and Girls Club have teamed up to create a haunted train unlike any other.

Located off Hanover Road at the Charlie Russell Chew Choo boarding site, this ghoulish experience will feature a hay maze, a funeral parlor, a cemetery, a light show and a zombified version Charlie Russell Chew Choo dinner train.

It’s going to be spooky, it’s going to be fun and it’s going to be safe, as only a few can get in at a time, making social distancing possible.

The family-friendly event will take place Friday, Oct. 30 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Event co-creator Jennifer Saunders said the haunted train is “truly scary” and is “not recommended for small children.”

On that note, there is a chicken-out exit available for last-minute jitters, but, according to Chamber Director Jo McCauley, “once you’re in, you go to the end.”

Tickets are $5/ person and can be purchased at the door.

Those interested in volunteering can contact Chamber representative Charlie Denison at (406) 535-5436 or Saunders at (406) 535-3919.